Change your perspective and achieve the impossible with new performance management model

Our OKR framework

With decades of experience in performance management and culture change, we have developed a simple and robust implementation framework that allows you to experience change immediately.

Focus on priorities

We firmly believe that priorities must remain priorities! We work with you to align your organisation's strategic objectives with the OKR implementation plan. Whatever your current system, we can help you integrate the OKRs with minimal impact.

Align for momentum

Implementing OKRs requires a radical change in organisational culture. With our experience in culture change, we can help you make OKRs a way of life, creating transparency and engagement.

Control the path

Our incremental approach not only makes implementation easy, but also allows for continuous improvement. We help you choose the right frequency for cadence reviews and implement the CFR (Coach, Feedback, Reinforce) methodology correctly.

Make the process sustainable

Our BOK (Build - Operate - Transfer) approach assures you of our support all along the way. We provide you with all the necessary tools and stay by your side at all key steps until you feel confident to proceed independently.

OKR is the excellent goal management and performance monitoring framework that helps focus everyone's efforts on the priorities to be achieved and ensures that the work of your entire team is connected to what really matters to the organisation.

We support you on your OKR implementation journey

n implementation path that fits your culture to get the most out of the OKR methodology.

20% of a successful implementation is about getting the OKRs right. The remaining 80% is about how people adopt the framework. A recent study shows that 83% of OKR implementations fail the first time, but we will be there with you.

We will roll up our sleeves and support you!

Become a Certified OKR Practitioner!

Our training programme will help you develop the skills you need to support and implement the OKR culture in your organisation. Not only that, but we will issue you with a lifelong certificate of competency.

Prossime date:

C-OKRP Level 1

30 September 2023

C-OKRP Level 2

7 October 2023 

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Download our White Paper and discover how to implement OKRs. This document is a guide that gathers the best implementation practices that we hope can be helpful to your organization.

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OKRs in Action

Harnessing Energy for Common Strategies: How to Implement OKRs in Your Organization

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Scrivere degli ottimi KR

Scopri gli elementi fondamentali per la definizione di un ottimo KR.

SOIR 2023 - OKR

Scopri come implementare gli OKR nella tua organizzazione. 


Discover the success indicators of your organizational strategy to get an up-to-date view of what really matters to you and your team.


Check up organizzativo che a partire dalla definizione della mission aziendale fa una fotografia delle competenze già presenti nell’organizzazione e di quelle da sviluppare per realizzare la strategia di business.

OKR in azione

Unire le energie per strategie comuni: come implementare gli OKR nella tua organizzazione

Business Design

Define, adopt and optimize your business model through a winning strategy and innovative solutions. The goal? To thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.


Scopri gli indicatori di successo della tua strategia organizzativa per avere una visione sempre aggiornata di ciò che conta davvero per te e per il tuo team.

OKR Starter Pack

Get ready to start your exciting journey towards OKR implementation with our OKR Starter Pack!

Job Design

Transform your workplace into an ecosystem of skills and responsibilities to attract top talent and increase employee engagement.

Purpose Discovery

Uncover the deep purpose that drives your business and let it shine in and out of your organization through an immersive, energizing experience.

OKR Maturity Model

Assess your organization’s maturity to OKR implementation and tackle change with confidence and success.

OKR Clinique

Improve your goal setting strategy and achieve ever higher levels of OKR adoption with our on-demand OKR Clinique coaching service.

Meeting Design

Redesign your business meetings by making them lively, engaging and with results-driven.

SOIR 2022 - OKR

Scopri come implementare gli OKR nella tua organizzazione. 

Step by step OKR

Scopri come implementare gli OKR nella tua organizzazione. 

OKR “Making the case”

Scopri perché gli OKR sono necessari alla tua organizzazione ed i principali vantaggi derivanti dalla loro implementazione. 

5S ristoranti

Ristoranti più efficienti con il Lean Six Sigma: ripensa al modo in cui le attività vengono svolte e organizzate e conduci cambiamenti che portano a ridurre gli sprechi ed incrementare produttività e redditività. 

La tecnica delle 5S

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