OKR Maturity Model

With our OKR Maturity Model service, you have the opportunity to conduct an assessment of your organizational culture with a view to implementing OKRs.

The OKR Maturity Model is for you if:
What we will do together

Together we will assess your organization’s readiness for this transformational approach and guide you through a thorough analysis to identify strengths and areas for improvement so that you can implement OKR effectively and purposefully.
We will ensure that your organization is ready to face this new challenge with confidence and success.

OKRs are the universal language of business agility, enabling organizations to adapt, innovate and achieve great things.

The key benefits you will gain are

Turn strategy into action

Incremento del livello di innovazione

Increased levels of innovation

allineamento ok redlab

Full alignment of goals and initiatives

Focus sui risultati e non sulle attività

Focus on results rather than activities

Chiarezza sulla direzione da prendere e sul contributo di ciascuno

Clear direction and everyone's contribution

Incremento dell'engagement delle persone

Increased team engagement

We will ensure that your organisation is ready to face this new challenge with confidence and success.

Business Design

Define, adopt and optimize your business model through a winning strategy and innovative solutions. The goal? To thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

OKR Maturity Model

Discover the success indicators of your organizational strategy to get an up-to-date view of what really matters to you and your team.

OKR Starter Pack

Get ready to start your exciting journey towards OKR implementation with our OKR Starter Pack!

Job Design

Transform your workplace into an ecosystem of skills and responsibilities to attract top talent and increase employee engagement.

Purpose Discovery

Uncover the deep purpose that drives your business and let it shine in and out of your organization through an immersive, energizing experience.

OKR Maturity Model

Assess your organization’s maturity to OKR implementation and tackle change with confidence and success.

OKR Clinique

Improve your goal setting strategy and achieve ever higher levels of OKR adoption with our on-demand OKR Clinique coaching service.

Meeting Design

Redesign your business meetings by making them lively, engaging and with results-driven.


Scopri come implementare gli OKR nella tua organizzazione. 

Step by step OKR

Scopri come implementare gli OKR nella tua organizzazione. 

OKR “Making the case”

Scopri perché gli OKR sono necessari alla tua organizzazione ed i principali vantaggi derivanti dalla loro implementazione. 

5S ristoranti

Ristoranti più efficienti con il Lean Six Sigma: ripensa al modo in cui le attività vengono svolte e organizzate e conduci cambiamenti che portano a ridurre gli sprechi ed incrementare produttività e redditività. 

La tecnica delle 5S

Una breve guida su come migliorare l’efficienza nella tua azienda, eliminando gli sprechi. 

Che la forza del Lean sia con te

Scopri i benefici che le metodologie Lean hanno apportato alle aziende italiane che hanno deciso di ottimizzare i propri processi.